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Table 1 MPEPS-N domains, subdomains and sample items

From: Working while sick: validation of the multidimensional presenteeism exposures and productivity survey for nurses (MPEPS-N)

Domain Subdomains Sample items Adopted Questionnaire Item #
before CFA
Item #
after CFA
Work Resources Task Significancea The results of my work can significantly impact the lives of patients under my care Work Design Questionnaire (WDQ) 4 4
Work Schedulea My job allows me to independently determine how to complete my tasks. 3 2
Social Supporta My job provides me the opportunity to develop close friendships. 6 5
Social Feedbacka I receive feedback on my performance from other people in my organization (such as manager and coworkers). 3 3
Organizational Carea The management of my organization are interested in the health and well-being of the personnel. Nordic Psychological & Social Factors at Work (QPSNordic) 3 2
Rewardsa Considering all my efforts and achievements, my job promotion prospects are adequate. Effort-reward imbalance (ERI-S) 7 3
Work Demands Initiated interdependencea Unless my job gets done, other jobs cannot be completed. WDQ 3 0
Physical demandsa My job requires a great deal of muscular endurance. 3 3
Efforta I have constant time pressure due to a heavy work load.
Over the past few years, my job has become more and more demanding.
Effort-reward imbalance (ERI-S) 3 3
Team psychological job demandsa Doctors do not care enough about patients.
There is conflict between doctors and nurses over therapy.
Herschbach 1992 4 4
Work conditionsa The wards/ rooms are cramped
I have/had muscle pain/discomfort in my body due to work
Dutch Musculoskeletal Questionnaire 2 0
Ease of Substitutiona I would rather go to work while unfit than to find a colleague to substitute for me.
Being a healthcare worker professional, I would attend my patients first even when I am unfit to go to work.
(Arronson + 4 Self Developed Questions) 6 3
Work Stress Depersonalization and emotional exhaustionb Original items of Maslach Burnout Inventory English version cannot be reproduced here due to copyright issues Maslach burnout Inventory (MBI) 14 8
Work Engagement At my job, I feel strong and vigorous.
I feel happy when I am working intensely.
Utrecht work engagement questionnaire (UWES) 9 8
Personal Health and Traits Health Locus of Controla If I get sick, it is my own behavior which determines how soon I get well again.
If I take the right actions, I can stay healthy.
Multidimensional Health locus of control A (MHLC-A) 6 5
Work Productivity Presenteeism Frequencyc How many times during the last year have you gone to work when you should have been on sick leave due to your health condition? Aronsson 2000 1
Productivityd Using the same 0-to-10 scale, how would you rate your overall job performance on the days you worked during the past 4 weeks (28 days)? WHO-health and performance questionnaire (WHO-HPQ) 7
Additional Items Quality of lifee
General healthe
How would you rate your quality of life?
Compared with people of your age, do you consider that your health condition as.
WHO- Quality of Life
Demographics   Please indicate highest degree of nursing training.
Please indicate the department that you spend the most of your time in.
Thematic household survey (THS) and healthcare manpower survey (HMS) 6
  1. a5-point Likert scale (1- strongly disagree to 5- strongly agree)
  2. b7-point Likert scale (0 - never to 6 - every day)
  3. c4-point Likert scale (1 - never, 2 - once, 3–2 to 5 times, 4 - > 5 times)
  4. dVisual analogue scale (0- worst performance to 10 - top performance)
  5. e5-point Likert scale (1- very poor to 5- very good)