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Table 1 What is Enhanced Primary Care?

From: Effects of non-medical health coaching on multimorbid patients in primary care: a difference-in-differences analysis

What is Enhanced Primary Care? A new model of primary care that aims to upskill the workforce by adding a new non-medical role to the primary care team: health coaches
Target group of Enhanced Primary Care Patients with at least one chronic condition (~ 18% of the population in South Somerset)
Role of the health coach To act as a single point of contact for patients; and to provide additional self-management and education support for patients
Background of the health coach Typically from an administration/receptionist background, but some practices have also hired former social workers
Training of the health coach All health coaches receive a two-day training course in health coaching. Health coaches are trained in different techniques to improve person-centeredness by supporting patients in identifying and achieving their goals
Number of GP practices that have implemented Enhanced Primary Care 17 out of 19 practices in South Somerset, with some at a more advanced stage than others. The scheme has been rolled out in three waves across the region
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