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Table 4 Comparison of injections practices up to 2010 and since 2011 in the 16 countries where DHS data were available for comparison. Among the 16 countries with 2004–2010 and 2011–2015 data, the average annual number of injections decreased from 1.44 (sample size: 252,513) to 1.25 (sample size: 317,886). Similarly, the average proportion of safe injection increased from 95.9% (sample size: 70,953) to 97.0% (sample size: 98,103)

From: Injection practices in 2011–2015: a review using data from the demographic and health surveys (DHS)

  Frequency Safety
  Health care injections per person per year Sample size Use an unopened syringe or needle Sample size
Up to 2010a 1.44 252,513 95.9% 70,953
Since 2011 1.25 317,866 97.0% 98,103
  1. a Use only more recent data if there are multiple data