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Table 3 Codes for communication and relationship dimensions associated with appropriate and inappropriate dynamics for Team 27

From: Communication and relationship dynamics in surgical teams in the operating room: an ethnographic study

Codes for Communication and Relationship Dimensions in Team 27
Dimensions associated with appropriate dynamics(+RC)
Dimensions associated with inappropriate dynamics(−RC)
Shared goal18Functional goal1
Shared knowledge3Specialized knowledge0
Mutual respect16Disrespect3
Accurate communication10Inaccurate communication2
Timely communication23Delayed communication6
Problem-solving communication5Finger-pointing communication2
Total (+RC) Codes75Total (−RC) Codes14
(+RC) codes pr. 60 min30(-RC) codes pr. 60 min5.6
  1. Team 27 performed a complex surgical procedure with the duration of a 150 min