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Table 3 Policy recommendations for a multifaceted intervention to enforce laws prohibiting non-prescription sales of antibiotics

From: Assessing the impact of law enforcement to reduce over-the-counter (OTC) sales of antibiotics in low- and middle-income countries; a systematic literature review

Policy recommendation

A comprehensive multifaceted intervention is needed to enforce laws prohibiting non-prescription sales of antibiotics. Monitoring of the impact on total sales of antibiotics and pharmacies selling antibiotics OTC is strongly advised. Based on current literature it is recommended to:

• Involve pharmacists in designing the law enforcement activities;

• Educate medicine dispensers about the regulation and risks of irresponsible use of antibiotics;

• Implement media campaigns focussing on educating patients about the risks of self-medication with antibiotics on a regular basis over a longer period of time;

• Conduct regular inspections for retention of prescriptions in pharmacies by governmental workers during which penalties do not necessarily have to be implied in case of non-compliance.

  1. OTC over-the-counter