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Table 1 Characteristics of Visited Teams

From: Taking note: A qualitative study of implementing a scribing practice in team-based primary care clinics

Team Medical Center or Outpatient Clinic Location Team Compositiona Providera Scribea Launch Date Site Visit
1 Medical Center West MD, RNCM, LPN1, LPN2 MD LPN1 Dec 2016 Aug 2017
2 Outpatient Clinic Midwest DO, RNCM, LPN, MSA DO LPN Apr 2017 Dec 2017
3a Medical Center East NP, RN, LPN NP LPN May 2017 Sept 2017
3b MD1, MD2, MD3, LPN1, LPN2, LPN3, RN, RN2, MSA MD1, MD2 LPN1 Jul 2017 Sept 2017
3c MD, LPN1, LPN2, RN MD LPN1 Jul 2017 Sept 2017
4 Medical Center West NP, RNCM, LPN, CNA, MSA NP CNA Sept 2017 Mar 2018
5a Outpatient Clinic Midwest DO, RNCM, LPN1, LPN2, MSA DO LPN1, LPN2 Nov 2017 Mar 2018
5b MD, RNCM, LPN, MSA MD LPN Nov 2017 Mar 2018
  1. aPlease see List of Abbreviations