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Table 3 Characteristics of included studies and findings

From: Supply chain management and accessibility to point-of-care testing in resource-limited settings: a systematic scoping review

Author and dateCountryGeographical areaStudy settingStudy design
Alemnji et al., 2011 [56]Developing countriesRuralResource limited settingsExpert review
Ansbro et al., 2015 [51]ZambiaRuralAntenatal clinicMix method
Bonawitz et al., 2015 [47]ZambiaUrban and RuralAntenatal clinicQuasi-experimental evaluation
Hamer et al., 2012 [43]ZambiaRuralChildren clinicCluster-randomised controlled trial
Hasselback et al., 2014 [48]MozambiqueUrban and RuralGeneral clinicsMix method
Kyabayinze et al., 2012 [45]UgandaRuralGeneral clinicCross-sectional survey
Mabey et al., 2012 [49]Tanzania, Uganda, China, Peru and Zambia and BrazilUrban and RuralAntenatal clinics and Community-basedMix Method
McGuire et al., 2014 [55]Developing CountriesUrban and RuralPrimary and secondary health facilitiesNarrative review
Peeling, 2015Developing CountriesUrban and RuralResource limited settingsExpert review
Peeling and Ronald, 2009 [54]Developing CountriesUrban and RuralResource limited settingsNarrative Review
Shott et al., 2012 [53]Sub-Sahara AfricaUrban and ruralResource limited settingsExpert review
Smith et al., 2015 [53]GuatemalaRuralAntenatal clinics and Community-basedCross-sectional survey
Stevens et al., 2014 [52]Developing countriesUrban and ruralResource limited settingsExpert review
Thairu et al., 2011 [50]Burkina Faso and ZimbabweRuralHospital and community-based clinicCohort study
Jaya et al., 2017 [46]South AfricaRuralPrimary Healthcare ClinicsCross-sectional (Audit)