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Table 1 Reasons for OOH-HV encounter (after systematic review of medical files and recodification according to the International Classification for Primary Care, Second Edition [ICPC-2]) (n = 748)

From: Factors affecting medical file documentation during telephone triage at an emergency call centre: a cross-sectional study of out-of-hours home visits by general practitioners in France

RFEICPC-2 codeN%95% CI
 Digestive tract problem 16322[13–19]
  Abdominal painD01–03;D068411[9–12, 20, 21]
  FeverA0314119[13–16, 22–24]
ENT problem 496[5–9]
 Cardiovascular 496[5–9]
  Chest painA11263[2–5]
 Respiratory problem 456[4–8]
  Cough 253[2–5]
  Short breath/dyspnea 203[2–4]
 Dorsolumbar problem 446[4–8]
  Without irradiationL84436[4–8]
  With irradiationL861< 1
 Malaise 415[4–7]
Missing data 21629[25–31]
  1. OOH-HV out-of-hours home visits, RFE reasons for encounter, ENT ear-nose-throat, 95% CI 95% confidence interval