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Table 1 Description of study variables. Description of main study variables and the methods used to collect them

From: Preparedness of health facilities in managing hypertension & diabetes mellitus in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: a cross sectional study

Variable Description
Service availability
 Service availability at the facility Reported to provide diagnosis or treatment services for hypertensives and DM patients
 Service provision to the surrounding catchment area Percent of facilities reported visiting lower level health facilities or community within a catchment area of a respective health facility to provide DM and hypertension services
 Trained personnel Refresher training on managing hypertension and DM conducted within two years
 Treatment guidelines Reported adherence to treatment guidelines for management of hypertension and DM
 Basic equipment Observed functioning sphygmomanometer, stethoscope and Glucometer, weigh machine and height rod
 Laboratory capacity Availability of urine dipstick, creatinine, and cholesterol analysis
 Medicine availability Availability of at least one of the unexpired first line medicine for both hypertension and DM. For Hypertension: Bendroflumethiazide, Hydrochlorothiazide and spironolactone.
For DM: Metformin & Glibenclamide
 Health management information system० Observed registers for routine data collection, reported analysis and local use of data for planning
Health Care workers (HCWs)
 Experience HCWs attending ≥5 in three months was considered experienced
 Confidence Reported comfortable when managing hypertensive and DM patients
 Practice on advice HCWs’ reported to regularly advise hypertensives and DM patients on, dietary approaches to control these diseases, abandoning tobacco use, maintaining appropriate weight, exercising, and performing key investigations: performing tests to determine kidney function, cholesterol and chest x-ray or Echocardiogram