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Table 3 Frequencies of Codes Related to Ideal Contingency Management Design Features (N = 43)

From: User-centered design of contingency management for implementation in opioid treatment programs: a qualitative study

Code Number of Respondents
Behavioral Targets
 Abstinence from opioids or all drugs 29
 Attendance at counseling sessions 25
 Attendance at dosing sessions 16
 Attendance at sessions made by case management 8
Who will Administer
 Program director or management 10
 Clinical supervisor 10
 Primary counselor 9
 Front desk staff 3
 Nursing staff 1
Non-Financial Incentives
 Take home doses 17
 Certificate or reward 9
 Less frequent counseling sessions 6
 Preferential parking 4
 Line jump or treatment pass 3
 Extended dosing hours 3
 Less frequent urine screens 1
Ways to Obtain Incentives
 Community donations 23
 Grant writing 8
 Donations from staff 4
 Fundraising 3