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Table 2 Measures publicly-available within the MNCM dataset

From: How are medical groups identified as high-performing? The effect of different approaches to classification of performance

Performance Domain Measure
Quality Breast Cancer Screening
Quality Colorectal Cancer Screening
Quality Diabetes
Quality Vascular Disease
Patient Experience Patient Experience / Courteous and helpful office staff
Patient Experience Patient Experience / How well providers communicate
Patient Experience Patient Experience / Providers with a most positive rating
Cost Total Cost: Overall
Access Patient Experience / Getting care when needed
Quality (measures not selecteda) ADHD
Adolescent Immunization
Asthma - Adults
Asthma - Children
Cervical Cancer Screening
Childhood Immunization
Chlamydia Screening
Depression - PHQ-9 Follow-up at 12 Months
Depression - Use of the PHQ-9
Depression Remission at 12 Months
Depression Remission at Six Months
Depression Response at 12 Months
Depression Response at Six Months
Depression: Follow Up (6 Months)
High Blood Pressure
Maternity - Cesarean Deliveries
Mental Health Screening: Teens
Overweight Counseling: Children
Sore Throats
Spinal Surgery: Lumbar Discectomy/Laminotomy w/Pre-Op & Post-Op ODI
Spinal Surgery: Lumbar Fusion w/Pre-Op & Post-Op ODI
Cost (Measures not selecteda) Total Cost: Adults
Total Cost: Pediatrics
Total Knee Replacement: Assessing Symptoms Before and After Surgery
  1. aRepresents measures reported within the MNCM dataset but not included in our study because 1) they were not reported by a majority of medical groups and/or 2) they are specialized measures only applicable to small subgroups