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Table 4 Response rates from commissioning organisations, with data collection strategies used

From: Seven steps to mapping health service provision: lessons learned from mapping services for adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the UK

Commissioning Organisations Strategy Response numbers (response rate %)
Pilot 2018 Survey
CCGs (England) Emaila 19 (9%) N/A
CCGs (England) FOI b 169 (80%) 190 (89)
Health Boards (Scotland) FOI b N/A 12 (86)
Health Boards (Wales) FOIb N/A 6 (86)
Health and Social Care Trust (Northern Ireland) FOIb N/A 5 (100)
Total   169 (80%) 213 (90%)
  1. CCG Clinical commissioning group,aan email was sent with a survey link or, if requested, with the questionnaire attached, ban official Freedom of Information (FOI) request sent with the questionnaire attached