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Table 4 The 66 study disorders with corresponding ICD-10 codes

From: Weekend admissions and mortality for major acute disorders across England and Wales: record linkage cohort studies

Circulatory disorders:
 Acute myocardial infarction I21
 Stroke I61-I64
 Subarachnoid haemorrhage I60
 Heart failure I50
 Angina I20
 Valvular heart disease I05-I08, I34-I37, Q22, Q23
 Pulmonary embolism I26
 Atrial fibrillation I48
 Abdominal aortic aneurysm I71
 Peripheral vascular disease I73
 Arterial embolism & thrombosis I74
 Phlebitis & thombophlebitis I80
 Hypertension I11-I15
Respiratory disorders:
 COPD J40-J44
 Pulmonary oedema J81
 Pneumonia J12-J18
 Pneumonitis J69
 Lower respiratory infections J20-J22
 Pleural effusion J90, J91
 Other interstitial respiratory disease J84
 Respiratory failure J96
Gastrointestinal disorders:
 Upper gastrointestinal bleeding I85.0, K22.6, K22.8, K25.0, K25.2, K25.4, K25.6, K26.0, K26.2, K26.4, K26.6, K27.0, K27.2, K27.4, K27.6, K28.0, K28.2, K28.4, K28.6, K29.0, K92.0, K92.1, K92.2a
 Perforated peptic ulcer & peritonitis K25.1, K25.2, K25.5, K25.6, K26.1, K26.2, K26.5, K26.6, K27.1, K27.2, K27.5, K27.6, K65
 Diverticular disease K57.2-K57.9
 Intestinal obstruction K56
 Herniae K40-K43, K45, K46
 Alcoholic liver disease K70
 Other liver disease K71-K77
 Gallstone disease K80, K81
 Acute pancreatitis K85
 Intestinal infections A00-A09
 Noninfective gastroenteritis K52
 Constipation K59
 Hip fracture S72.0, S72.1, S72.2 and in people aged 65+ years, S72.9
 Traumatic brain injury S06
 Other head injury S01-S05, S07-S09
 Shoulder & upper arm injury S40-S49
 Thoracic & abdominal injury S20-S31, S35, S36, S38, S39
 Fracture of lumbar spine & pelvis S32
 Drug poisoning T36-T50
 Oesophageal C15
 Gastric C16
 Colorectal C18-C20
 Pancreatic C25
 Liver C22
 Breast C50
 Lung C33, C34
 Prostate C61
 Ovarian C56
 Lymphomas C81-C96
 Bladder C67
 Kidney C64
 Brain C71
Ageing-related disorders:
 Alzheimer’s disease G30
 Dementia F00-F03, F05.1
 Age-related physical debility R54
Other disorders:
 Acute renal failure N17
 Urinary tract infections N10-N12, N15.0, N30, N34, N36, N39.0
 Diabetes E10-E14
 Septicaemia A40, A41
 Skin infections L00-L09
 Anaemias D50-D64
 Pressure lower limb ulcers L89, L97
 Disorientation - unspecified R41.0
 Malaise and fatigue R53
 Syncope and collapse R55
  1. aUnless present with a diagnosis of lower gastrointestinal disease (C17.1-C21, K50-K52, K55-K57 or K60-K63)