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Table 5 Changes in responses on knowledge of locally available sources of Vitamin A

From: Outcome of training of maternal and child health workers in Ifo Local Government Area, Ogun State, Nigeria, on common childhood blinding diseases: a pre-test, post-test, one-group quasi-experimental study

Locally available sources of vitamin A
Palm oil Pre-training   Post-training *p-value 0.143
Correct Incorrect
Correct 37 7
Incorrect 15 2
Breast milk Pre-training   Post-training *p-value 0.029ǂ
Correct Incorrect
Correct 27 9
Incorrect 22 3
Green leafy vegetables Pre-training   Post-training *p-value 0.004ǂ
Correct Incorrect
Correct 17 9
Incorrect 27 8
Mango Pre-training   Post-training *p-value 0.000ǂ
Correct Incorrect
Correct 15 4
Incorrect 31 11
Beans Pre-training   Post-training *p-value 0.382
Correct Incorrect
Correct 2 12
Incorrect 10 37
  1. *McNemar’s test
  2. ǂ Statistically significant