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Table 2 Focus group semi-structured topics

From: Exploring the solutions to the inherent perils of (the multitude of) guidelines – a focus group study of stakeholders’ perceptions

Function/focus Key questions
Questions on invitation • What can developers of norms and guidelines for hospital care do to reduce the number of guidelines/norms and improve clarity and consistency?
• What can norm-enforcing institutions do to focus and align priorities and reduce uncertainty for hospitals about what they are expected to comply with?
• What can hospital boards, managers, and staff do to integrate norms into hospital systems successfully?
Hospital as part of the system • What are possible solutions on a system level?
Norm developers • What solutions can guideline developers put forward?
Norm enforcers • What can norm enforcers contribute to a possible solution?
Stakeholders view • Input from parties outside the hospital concerning experience problem by hospitals
Different perspective • Possible solutions from a different perspective?