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Table 4 PAM Levels of activation of the participants in study 1

From: Understanding patient activation and adherence to nebuliser treatment in adults with cystic fibrosis: responses to the UK version of PAM-13 and a think aloud study

PAM level Participant ID NO. of participants by objective adherence category
Low High
Level 1 GL-LA-D02 1 0
Level 2 GL-LA-D01, PL-LA02 2 0
Level 3 GL-LA02, PL-LA01, PL-LA-D01, PL-LA-D02,
GL-HA02, GL-HA-D01, PL-HA01, PL-HA02, PL-HA-D01,
4 5
Level 4 PL-HA-D02, GL-HA01, GL-LA01 1 2