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Table 7 List of stakeholders

From: PRIMEtime CE: a multistate life table model for estimating the cost-effectiveness of interventions affecting diet and physical activity

Stakeholder category Stakeholder
(i) National governmental organisations National governmenta,b
Department of Healtha,b
National Institute for Health and Care Excellencea,b
Public Health Englandb
Physical activity and diet responsibility dealb
(ii) Local governmental organisations Local Government Associationb
Thames Valley Public Health England Centreb
Oxfordshire County Council Public Health Departmentb
(iii) Charitable organisations The Wellcome Trust (project funder)
UK Health Foruma,b
British Heart Foundationa,b
Food Ethics Councila,b
Consensus Action on Salt and Hypertension / Action on Sugara,b
World Obesity Federationa,b
Diabetes UKa,b
Blood Pressure UKa,b
(iv) Health professional and academic organisations Association of Directors of Public Healthb
Academy of Medical Royal Collegesa,b
Faculty of Public Healtha,b
International Society for Physical Activity and Healthb
International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activityb
The Nutrition Societya,b
Association for the Study of Obesitya,b
(v) Patients and the public Members of the publica
Patients with chronic diseasea
  1. acontacted to identify scenarios to test; bcontacted to get feedback on model structure