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Table 4 PRIMEtime CE risk factors' theoretical minimum risk and modelled uncertainty distributions. Adapted and updated from Cobiac et al.[32]

From: PRIMEtime CE: a multistate life table model for estimating the cost-effectiveness of interventions affecting diet and physical activity

Risk factors’ theoretical minimum risk
Parameter Exposure parameters Outcomes Unit of change Distribution of uncertainty range Minimum risk value (SE) Notes
 Body mass index (kg/m2) [61] Normal 21 (1)  
 Systolic blood pressure (mmHg) [61] Normal 115 (6)  
 Total cholesterol (mmol/L) [61] Normal 3.8 (0.6)  
 Vegetable intake (g/day) [50] Normal 400 (30)  
 Fruit intake (g/day) [50] Normal 300 (30)  
 Fibre intake (g/day) [50] Normal 30 (3)  
 Red meat intake (g/day) [50] Normal 14.3 (1.43)  
 Processed meat intake (g/day) [50] Normal 0  
 Physical activity (METhrs/wk) [74] Normal 133 (13.3)  
  1. SD standard deviation, NDNS National Diet and Nutrition Survey, CHD coronary heart disease, BMI body mass index, MET Metabolic Equivalent of Task