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Table 1 Descriptions for the eight targeted charting requirements

From: The MOWER (middle of the week everyone gets a re-chart) pilot study: reducing in-hospital charting error with a multi-intervention

Charting Requirement Further description
Chart Number The number of the NIMC in the sequence of active NIMCs is written on the front of the chart
Patient Surname Patient’s surname handwritten below the patient label
Prescriber Name A prescriber name was printed and legible (on at least one of the records on the page) for regular medication orders
Dated and Signed All regular medication orders were dated and signed
Generic REG All regular (REG) medication orders used a generic medication name rather than a brand name. Brand name exceptions: Movicol, Oxycontin, Endone, Fleet Enema
Indication REG An indication was recorded for some regular (REG) medications ie antibiotics, anticoagulants and steroids including eye drops and topical creams.
Indication PRN An indication was recorded for all Pro Re Nata (PRN, as needed) medications
Max Dosage PRN The maximum dose in 24 h was indicated for all PRN medications