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Table 7 Supporting Quotations for “Relative Priority”

From: Measurement without management: qualitative evaluation of a voluntary audit & feedback intervention for primary care teams

• We rely on our patient surveys and our diabetes stats quite highly, because they are monthly, so they’re real time, and because with our diabetes stats we can then drill down into those stats and find out who the ones are that we’re missing. So that’s very concrete for us. Some of the HQO and the D2D stuff is more higher level. (ID = 015)
• Other problem is we have all of our information, which is second to none through CCPSN and UTOPIAN. We now have shared data. We’re housed with the hospital, where we can look at acute and primary and see how we’re going in that area. This is a bit of a make work project for us, but we participate because we thought we’d be very useful to be part of the bigger picture. (ID = 007)
• I think what I meant to let you know is that we try to speak to the quality committee this time for 3.0 prior to the board meeting, but it didn’t quite make it through the agenda. And so, the board got presented first, and hopefully we’ll have time to talk to the quality committee about it next time. But our priority was the QIP that’s due out on April 1st, and we had a lot of discussions around that as a priority as opposed to the dissemination of these results. (ID = 002)
• I think that we’ve spent quite a lot more time and got more value out of the Cancer Care Ontario SAR Report than anything else. (ID = 014)