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Table 6 Supporting Quotations for “Dependence on QIDSS”

From: Measurement without management: qualitative evaluation of a voluntary audit & feedback intervention for primary care teams

• I think it would fall apart if the QIDSS were not there. I think D2D would totally fall apart in the province. Even if we built an infrastructure where you can manage it internally, you do need somebody that can push the agenda, because in your day-to-day business, you’re going to put this further and further down the priority list. This is all faith coming to the table to participate. (ID = 003).
• M: Does your FHT have sufficient resources to implement D2D?
R: With our QIDSS specialist, yes.
M: That QIDSS specialist, that person would probably be like the minimum required resource needed.
R: Oh, yeah, if we didn’t have him we wouldn’t be able to do it.
M: Is it the knowledge that that person brings, the skill-set?
R: Yes, and the time. (ID = 008)
• M: So, you did not participant in the recent release, which was done last month?
R: No, because the timing of our new QIDSS position, it didn’t work out when Name-X started to actually be able to submit everything. So, the plan is to get ready, now that he’s been here for a while, to do 4.0 this fall. (ID = 009)
• M: Do the FHTs you work with have sufficient resources to participate in D2D?
R: Yes.
M: Would those resources be you?
R: Yes.
M: So, if you had to step away …
R: They would stop reporting. I shouldn’t say that. One would probably still report, the small FHT, that executive director. There’s where I have the QIP committee. So, one of them would, but the other two wouldn’t. (ID = 016).