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Table 5 Supporting Quotations for “Design”

From: Measurement without management: qualitative evaluation of a voluntary audit & feedback intervention for primary care teams

• There’s no option to, maybe export it out of the web site into Excel or anything. The graphs, you know, to get to the number you had to move your cursor over so that meant me sitting there writing out all the numbers on a piece of paper and then transferring it to Excel. The expanded data wasn’t on the web site at all, so that was a little bit disappointing, so that meant a lot of work afterwards. And then, I guess, when you went to go click on the targets it brought up a PDF. There was just some disconnect with the whole report on how it come out. So if there was any way to export it so that you could get a two or three page report that you could hand to someone, I think that would be a lot more helpful than a lot of links that didn’t really seem to connect well. (ID = 005)
• The presentation of D2D could be better, like the way that the website … the logic behind the way that .. like you drill down and stuff into that is different. Most of the other reports are in some sort of chart format, where it’s actually just figures. There are no graphs and stuff like that. So, D2D attempted to visualize a lot of that data, and by doing so, makes it sometimes awkward to understand, which is kind of the reason that I make my own report from it. (ID = 016)
• M: Where would you look for the data dictionary?
R: But for me to look for anything on the site, it’s easier for me ot go to my computer because the site is not easy to navigate. (ID = 003)
• I would like to see, I guess it’s just the way that I’ve always learned, is when you have a graph there’s typically a title for the graph and then information. So like effectiveness which is the area where the child, the immunization information is under. It doesn’t really tell me effectiveness of what. It just seems to be kind of out there. (ID = 019)
• I would have to go into another page, click on colorectal screening, it would take me to the AFHTO page that would tell me where to go for my information. And it usually takes me to HQO or something, some long report, or actually an AFHTO page. You have to drill, drill, drill, drill down. It would be great if you could hover over this and it would say, this is this. It’s a lot of work to be able to figure that out. Like, I can’t remember whether it’s over 50, or over 65, or over this, that you know, the population and the exact, you know, numbers that you need to be able to put that in off the top of my head. So if I was presenting it to a group I would do all that pre-work ahead of time, I would go and print those page, or make sure it’s off the top of my head. (ID = 002).