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Table 4 Supporting Quotations for “Data Validity”

From: Measurement without management: qualitative evaluation of a voluntary audit & feedback intervention for primary care teams

• You know, it’s old data. It’s like a newspaper that’s a year old and picking it up, and reading it. (ID = 002)
• Some of the indicators that are on D2D are reports we get from HQO. So, we submitted in the fall for … new ICES data, but then they just send the old stuff from the previous time we did D2D, so we were really reporting the same thing as we did the last instance, which really isn’t that beneficial because your numbers are the same. So that’s just a … it’s not really AFHTO’s fault because HQO is the one that prepares the data, but it doesn’t really make any sense. (ID = 006)
• I’m not sure why they are in D2D if they are already in the QIP because, again, some of it is based on data that isn’t timely. (ID = 003)
• But how they’re tracking it is not reflective of the spreadsheet that we’ve done and internally tracked our process. And I think some is made of billing codes. Well, only physicians are billing. The billing is different if you’re seeing your patients are coming from long-term care because the codes are different. So our numbers are really not reflective of internally what we’re measuring. (ID = 012)
• They’re telling us they want to know what percentage of patients can get same day appointments or can get an appointment with their family physician. So, we scored low, but we have IHPs that work with these family physicians and so they don’t need to go see their doctor if they want to have their blood pressure checked. (ID = 008)
• It’s often unclear, that’s part of what the trepidation is. I’ve had the conversation about this particular one, time spent and I’ve asked things like, I don’t know that, whatever your methodology looks like, I don’t know that you’re factoring in patient complexity, in terms of how much time providers need to spend with people, based on their complexities or their patient profile. And people will say, it’s in there, but they can’t show me how it’s in there. And so then, just saying that it’s in there doesn’t mean that I’m going to trust that it’s in there. (ID = 018)