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Table 3 Supporting Quotations for “Cycle Frequency”

From: Measurement without management: qualitative evaluation of a voluntary audit & feedback intervention for primary care teams

• Some of the D2D timelines have been very aggressive. Especially the last one, D2D 3.0, it came out very quickly after D2D 2.0. So, even the opportunity to do the decisions part between the two … There was really no time to do it. … All it actually allows you to do is, when the next iteration comes, do a reflection around, what one do we really want to continue to participate in and which ones don’t? (ID =003)
• In City-X, all the executive directors meet every 6 weeks and we raised it. Someone was going to take it to the [AFHTO] board to say that we felt that the return on investment for the frequency is diminishing rapidly. It’s a very good idea, too many iterations, not well thought out, too. (ID = 013)
• I thought, for me, it was happening a bit too quickly. I think they could spread it out a little bit more. It felt like D2D 2.0 just happened and then we were getting ready to submit D2D 3.0. (ID = 012)