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Table 1 Summary of Findings of the Implementation of the A&F Program

From: Measurement without management: qualitative evaluation of a voluntary audit & feedback intervention for primary care teams

Theme Result
Audit • Led by QIDSS or internal data specialist.
“[QIDSS] comes to us to say, … here’s the list of possible things we can submit, which ones do you want to, which ones do you not want to. We ask her a few more questions about details of how this information is gathered, and then she runs it. She sends it to us first, to say, do these numbers make sense because they don’t always …” (ID = 001)
Feedback • QIDSS reviews result, presents to FHT leadership.
• Feedback report re-created when distributed.
“I access the data and I prepare a report back to each of the executive directors and pass it onto them. I know that they have shared it with their board in the past, but it’s basically just been given … it’s just been noted that here’s the D2D report from the QIDSS.” (ID = 016)
Response • No FHT used D2D for QI. Data used in annual reports.
• Attempts to validate feedback results, led to discarding of report.
“At this point, I would say no. There are no actual decisions that are being made as a result of the data. There’s some passing interest in it, but there’s not been any actual … like there’s been no quality improvement exercises because of the data yet.” (ID = 016)