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Table 1 Services provided by CHW for treatment community residents, by age category

From: The impact of paid community health worker deployment on child survival: the connect randomized cluster trial in rural Tanzania

Age range in the life cycle: Services provided by Connect CHW:
Neonates Essential newborn care:
Immediate post partum home visits,
Referral for sick children,
Promotion of postnatal care
Referral of low birth weight children & follow-up for “kangaroo mothercare.”
Neonates and post-neonates Immunization of newborns: Tetanus, DPT, BCG,
Comprehensive expanded program on immunization
Infancy and childhood Community and doorstep provision of integrated management of childhood illness
Promotion of safe water, sanitation, and hygiene
Adolescence Youth friendly reproductive health promotion, including HIV awareness and prevention.
Adulthood Treatment of common ailments:
Malaria, respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases
Family planning promotion and referral; family planning service provision for condoms and oral contraceptives.
Health promotion: HIV and sexually transmitted diseases
Pregnancy and intrapartum care:
Pregnancy monitoring and doorstep promotion of antenatal care, skilled delivery, and birth spacing.
Emergency referral for acute care needs.
Promotion of health insurance enrollment, emergency care awareness, and service fee policies.