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Table 2 Background information of key informants involving in in-depth interview from different public health facilities in Aksum, February to March 2016 (n = 10)

From: Experiences of homeless women on maternity health service utilization and associated challenge in Aksum town, Northern Ethiopia

ID Sex Age Profession Level of Education Position Experience (Year)
HCP1 Female 30 Health officer BSc Practitioner 5
HCP2 Male 35 Nurse BSc Nursing head 3
HCP3 Female 40 Midwifery BSc Provider 6
HCP4 Male 32 Midwifery BSc Provider 8
HCP5 Male 45 Medical doctor MD Practitioner 4
HCP6 Female 36 Midwifery BSc Provider 7
HCP7 Male 37 Medical doctor MD Practitioner 8
HCP8 Male 32 Health officer BSc Practitioner 4
HCP9 Female 31 Nurse BSc Head nurse 6
HCP10 Female 38 Midwifery BSc Provider 5
  1. Note: HCP health care professional