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Table 1 Background information of experts

From: A health system framework for perinatal care in South African district hospitals: a Delphi technique

Expert Profession Clinical experience in intrapartum and early neonatal care Experience in providing outreach services to district hospital labour wards Experience in managing health services for maternal and perinatal care at a district level Involvement in research on South African maternal or perinatal care issues Sound knowledge of the South African health system for perinatal care Experience in training postgraduate students in obstetrics or neonatal care Experience in district hospital management
1 Paediatric nurse     
2 Advanced Midwife    
3 Paediatric nurse     
4 Obstetrician
5 District hospital clinical manager      
6 Obstetrician    
7 District hospital nursing manager       
8 District Hospital CEO     
9 District Hospital Medical Manager      
10 Obstetrician  
11 Advanced Midwife   
12 Neonatologist    
13 Public Health Specialist