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Table 2 Overview of the timing, themes, topics for co-creation activities and workshop participants in the Digital Night Surveillance Project

From: Towards successful digital transformation through co-creation: a longitudinal study of a four-year implementation of digital monitoring technology in residential care for persons with dementia

Date Theme Topics for co-creation Participants
HCP IT T R Other
Nov 2014 Service innovation Visualising the night service before and after implementation 23 3 5 6 7
Stakeholder mapping      
Stakeholders’ responsibilities      
Communication between shifts      
Need specification of new routines      
Potential new user groups and services      
Feb 2015 Communication Individual communication Organisational communication 27 3 4 5 1
Communication strategies for implementation (media, public, politicians, relatives, patients, employees)      
May 2015 Service design Future recall 28 4 4 7 5
Patient journey, touchpoints, interactions and user experiences      
Development of new routines      
Sept 2015 Information security and privacy Technology improvements 10 4 2 7 2
Requirements to infrastructure      
Legal and regulatory issues      
Nov 2015 Routines, documentation and technology Documentation into existing systems 21 2 4 5  
Optimising routine descriptions, work lists, check lists. Etc      
Optimising the technology      
Routines and responsibilities for support      
Patient privacy and safety      
April 2016 Service innovations and ethics Practical familiarisation with tools in the national roadmap for welfare technology implementation and service design 17 2 3 5 2
Ethical dilemmas when implementing monitoring technology in dementia care      
Sept 2016a Implementation issues in digital surveillance technology From pilot-testing to continuation 20 2 12 7 16
Best practices, Norway and Sweden      
Management challenges      
Involvement of IT services      
Developing clinical expertise      
Benefit realisation      
May 2017 Results and dissemination Final seminar 46 2 5 11 7
Summing up experiences      
Presenting research and project reports      
  1. Abbreviations: HCP Healthcare Professionals, IT Information Technologists, R Researchers, T Technologists. aWorkshop located in Sweden