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Table 1 Ten items of the HPWS questionnaire [5]

From: The German version of the high-performance work systems questionnaire (HPWS-G) in the context of patient safety: a validation study in a Swiss university hospital

Item No. Lable Employees in my hospital area
1 Skills … are provided opportunities to learn new skills.
2 Rewards … are given rewards for doing a good job.
3 Information … receive necessary information to do a good job.
4 Teamwork Teamwork is important for providing quality service to patients.
5 Workplace … are asked how workplace processes can be improved.
6 Appraisal … receive performance appraisals that help them to improve their performance.
7 Quality … receive training on quality improvement methods.
8 Job security … have job security.
9 Survey … see improvements in this hospital area based on results of employee surveys.
10 Candidate The best candidate for the job is hired in this hospital area.