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Table 4 Statistical analyses for variables predicting tendency to undertake preventive health activities (N = 16)

From: Surgeons and preventive health: a mixed methods study of current practice, beliefs and attitudes influencing health promotion activities amongst public hospital surgeons

  Spearman’s Generalized Estimating Equation
  Bivariate correlations Parameter Estimates
Variable RO p β p
Confidence in addressing lifestyle changes 0.635 0.008 0.386 0.184
Knowledge in addressing lifestyle changes 0.544 0.029 −0.193 0.543
How effective you think your advice is in helping clients with lifestyle changes 0.710 0.002 0.254 0.747
Clients I see find it agreeable for me to raise lifestyle changes as part of consultation 0.180 0.505 −0.305 0.261
How important lifestyle changes are for health 0.134 0.620 −0.008 0.990
How important it is to address lifestyle changes with patients 0.655 0.006 1.159 0.057
How much of a work priority is it to address lifestyle changes with patients 0.644 0.007 1.217 0.008
How many years of clinical practice have you undertaken? 0.368 0.164 0.258 0.041
  1. Dependent Variable: Implementation of preventive health interventions
  2. GEE Model: (Intercept), Time, Confidence, Knowledge, Effectiveness, Agreeable, Important for health, Important to address, Work priority, Years of clinical practice
  3. Quasi-likelihood under independence model criterion (QIC) = 736