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Table 5 Facilitators and barriers to the use of the vCoP

From: Acceptability and feasibility of a virtual community of practice to primary care professionals regarding patient empowerment: a qualitative pilot study

 The use of information and knowledge technologies allows the development of vCoP with flexible accessibility for the training of health professionals.
 The inclusion of evidence-based and updated materials is a necessary and useful tool for healthcare activity.
 Maintaining and providing useful and updated information motivates the use and functioning of the vCoP.
 The vCoP is a medium that allows interaction between professionals from different locations and enables sharing approaches, opinions, experiences and ways of performing.
 The presence of easy-to-understand tutorials, with the necessary information for the use of vCoP, would improve access to the included resources and participation.
 The use of out-of-date or inappropriate hardware and software limits and hinders access to and participation in a vCoP.
 The inclusion of documents and resources in non-native language causes difficulties in understanding information.
 The time restrictions in work environments can limit access to a vCoP.