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Table 1 Framework of learning objectives and competences

From: Acceptability and feasibility of a virtual community of practice to primary care professionals regarding patient empowerment: a qualitative pilot study

Learning Objective A: To improve awareness of patients’ and carers’ empowerment
 A1: To know the impact of patient empowerment and disempowerment
 A2: To know interventions and their effectiveness to improve patient empowerment
Learning Objective B: To improve familiarity with the concepts of empowerment
 B1: To identify the dimensions of patient empowerment and skills related for applying them
 B2: To know the taxonomy related to patient empowerment
 B3: To know characteristics and theoretical and conceptual approach of initiatives that work on patient empowerment
 B4: To know new models and paradigms of patient-health professional relationships
Learning Objective C: To improve perceived self-efficacy and confidence in one’s abilities
 C1: To apply strategies and tools to facilitate patient’s empowerment in daily practice
 C2: To identify barriers to empowerment and establish improvement actions
 C3: To develop content and materials on empowerment and / or feedback and contribute to the vCoP with new knowledge
Learning Objective D: To improve credibility and expectations about favorable results of empowerment
 D1: To learn about Spanish, European and international initiatives of leaders or prominent organizations regarding empowerment
 D2: To enhance feedback and dialogue with professionals about the empowerment strategies used
 D3. To resolve myths and misconceptions about empowerment