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Table 1 The distribution of health resources in Beijing in 2015

From: The willingness of patients to make the first visit to primary care institutions and its influencing factors in Beijing medical alliances: a comparative study of Beijing’s medical resource-rich and scarce regions

Variables District D District F
Population size (ten thousand people) 90.50 232.40
Occupied area(km2) 41.86 305.80
Municipal GDP per capita(ten thousands RMB) 23.48 5.75
Practicing (assistant) physician per thousand people 10.82 2.80
CHS professionals per thousand people 12.78 10.22
General practitioner per thousand people 5.58 4.49
Number of hospitals 65 70
Number of Class-three hospital 9 4
Number of Class-two hospital 8 7
Number of Class-one hospital 37 45
Number of Community health service centers/station 65 173