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Table 1 Essential primary health care services related to NCDs

From: Quality of care for non-communicable diseases in the Republic of Moldova: a survey across primary health care facilities and pharmacies

Essential preventative PHC services -related to NCDs
 • Promoting healthy lifestyles, inculcating skills in preventing and combating risk factors
 • An annual medical examination with a prophylactic examination of persons over the age of 18 with the aim of preventing
 • Periodic medical examinations of patients with diseases registered with a family doctor;
 • Provision of services for early detection of pathology based on screenings
Essential curative PHC services -related to NCDs
 • NCD consultation (primary examination, clinical examination, diagnosis, treatment)
 • Medical treatment (intramuscular, intravenous procedures)
 • Medical and hygienic-dietary treatment, including compensated medicines and medical products
 • Monitoring of patients according to treatment plan
 • Referral to other services such as laboratory rapid tests, as well as physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation services
 • Referral to a specialized physician in cases that are beyond the competence of the family doctor
 • Medical care at home