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Table 1 Essential requirements for electronic data collection

From: Using electronic tablets for data collection for healthcare service and maternal health assessments in low resource settings: lessons learnt

  Essential requirements
Internet • Usable off-line
• Data can be stored securely until checked for completeness
• Able to be uploaded to server
Platform • Can be used on electronic tablets to facilitate viewing multiple questions at same time
Question types • Tick box
• Number box
• Short free text
• Date
• Likert scale
• GPS location capture
Design features • Skip logic & answer validation
• Ease of design – Graphical user interface
• Potential to create sub-forms within a tool
• Ease of deployment
System features Able to facilitate:
• Large number of uploads (> 15,000/annum)
• > 500 questions /form
Data analysis • Data exportable to Excel/SPSS
Support • Support for staff
• Training
Cost • Not significantly more than existing paper-based option