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Table 4 Overview of tasks for the nominal group process

From: Development of a patient reported outcome measures for measuring the impact of visual impairment following stroke

Task One – Misfitting items  
 ‘Deterioration’ ‘Dealing with strangers’
 ‘Eyes seeing differently’ ‘Participating in indoor social activities’
 ‘Dry eyes’ ‘Loss of confidence’
 ‘Watery eyes’ ‘Limit of how long activities can be done for’
 ‘Making eye contact’ ‘Household chores’
Task Two – Items with DIF for location and time since stroke person factors
 ‘Overall health’ ‘Crossing the road’
 ‘Overall vision’ ‘Moving around in unfamiliar areas’
 ‘Using a computer’ ‘Bumps into or against objects or people in
 ‘Seeing in bright light’ crowded areas’
 ‘Moving around on uneven ground’ ‘Moving around outdoors’
‘Stay at home’
Task Three – Items with DIF for primary visual impairment person factor
 ‘Double vision’ ‘Missing patches of vision’
 ‘Objects suddenly appearing’ ‘Noticing objects off to the side’
Task Four – Items with local dependency in the general and distance vision categories
 ‘Blurred vision’ OR ‘Objects jumping around’ OR ‘Fluctuation’
 ‘Blurred vision’ OR ‘Seeing something far away’
 ‘Seeing far side of a room’ OR ‘Seeing something far away’ OR ‘Seeing faces’ (Delete 2)
Task Five – Items with local dependency in the near vision and reading categories
 ‘Following a line of print’ OR ‘Reading same print size’
 ‘Writing’ OR ‘Close-up vision’ OR ‘Following a line of print’
Task Six – Items with local dependency in the lighting, moving around and role limitation categories
 ‘Seeing in poor or dim lighting’ OR ‘Adjusting to differing lighting’ OR ‘Change in colour perception’ (Delete 2)
 ‘Accomplishing as much as you would like’ OR ‘Usual standard’
 ‘Moving around in familiar areas’ OR ‘Moving around indoors’
Task Seven – Items with local dependency in the independent living and moving around categories
 ‘Toileting’ OR ‘Getting dressed’ OR ‘Preparing something to eat’ OR ‘Bathing or showering’
 ‘Getting dressed’ OR ‘Preparing something to eat’ OR ‘Taking medication’ OR ‘Looking after your appearance’ OR ‘Pouring a drink’ OR ‘Shopping’ (Delete 3)
 ‘Eating’ OR ‘Pouring a drink’
Task Eight – Items with local dependency in the well-being category
 ‘Negative emotions’ OR ‘Vulnerable’ OR ‘Burden to others’
 ‘Not coping’ OR ‘Self-conscious’
Task Nine – Overview of remaining items
 All remaining items - any further exclusions required?
 ‘Objects jumping around’ ‘Travelling as a passenger’
 ‘Tired eyes’ ‘Making eye contact’
 ‘Judging distances’ ‘Participating in indoor social activities’
 ‘Unusual appearance’ ‘Participating in outdoor social activities’
 ‘Seeing something far away’ ‘Loss of confidence’
 ‘Close-up vision’ ‘Usual standard’
 ‘Finding something’ ‘Getting dressed’
 ‘Using a computer’ ‘Looking after your appearance’
 ‘Following a line of print’ ‘Feeling negative emotions’
 ‘Adjusting to differing lighting’ ‘Not coping’
 ‘Tripping and falling’ ‘Feeling a burden’
 ‘Moving around indoors’  
E-Nominal Group
 ‘Eating’ OR ‘Looking after appearance’
 ‘Close up vision’ OR ‘Following a line of print’