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Table 7 Impact of FANC on quality of ANC services: OLS model with interrupted time series analysis

From: Examining the impact of WHO’s Focused Antenatal Care policy on early access, underutilisation and quality of antenatal care services in Malawi: a retrospective study

Variables Coefficient Standard error (S.E)
FANC policy dummy
 FANC −0.067a (0.020)
 Time trend 0.013b (0.006)
 Post FANC x Time trend 0.008 (0.009)
Woman’s education level (Base = No educ)
 Primary 0.042a (0.013)
 Secondary 0.096a (0.018)
 Tertiary 0.023 (0.062)
Community type
 Urban 0.032a (0.011)
HIV-testing prevalence
 HIV-test statistics 0.086a (0.013)
Pregnancy risk indicators
 16 years and below −0.023 (0.043)
 Above 40 years 0.031 (0.024)
 Miscarriage 0.001 (0.015)
 Caesarean 0.018 (0.023)
Type of health worker
 Doctor 0.043b (0.020)
 Nurse 0.062a (0.021)
 TBA −0.324a (0.033)
 Ward attendant/ health surveillance assistants −0.002 (0.023)
Constant 0.632a (0.027)
Observations 1606  
R-Squared 0.2252  
  1. NOTES: Ordinary Least Squares regressions. asignificant at 1% level of significance; and b significant at 5% level of significance. Coefficients with standard errors in parentheses