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Table 4 Impact of FANC on early access to care: Weibull model with interrupted time series analysis

From: Examining the impact of WHO’s Focused Antenatal Care policy on early access, underutilisation and quality of antenatal care services in Malawi: a retrospective study

Variables Coefficient Standard error (S.E)
FANC Policy dummy
 FANC −0.370a (0.086)
 Time trend 0.018 (0.031)
 Post FANC x Time Trend 0.207a (0.036)
Woman’s education level (base = no educ)
 Primary 0.192a (0.042)
 Secondary 0.363a (0.066)
 Tertiary 0.463b (0.201)
Pregnancy risky indicators
 16 years and below −0.156 (0.141)
 Above 40 −0.218a (0.074)
 Miscarriage 0.108a (0.042)
 Caesarean deliveries 0.126 (0.077)
Access to radio (Base = no access)
 Less than once a week 0.110b (0.051)
 At least once a week 0.078 (0.055)
 Almost every day 0.204a (0.044)
Access to television
 Less than once a week −0.186 (0.061)
 At least once a week 0.047 (0.109)
 Almost every day 0.051 (0.077)
Community type
 Urban 0.110b (0.046)
 Community HIV-test statistics 0.105 (0.089)
Constant −7.182a (0.0125)
Observations 8522  
Wald Chi2(1) 299.92a  
  1. Notes: Weibull survival models. a1% level of significance; and b 5% level of significance. Coefficients with standard errors in parentheses