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Table 2 Results for multiple correspondence analysis for the ANC quality index

From: Examining the impact of WHO’s Focused Antenatal Care policy on early access, underutilisation and quality of antenatal care services in Malawi: a retrospective study

Variable Categories Weights
Prophylaxis Given malaria prophylaxis 0.417
Not given malaria prophylaxis −2.103
Blood pressure Blood pressure measured 0.597
Blood pressure not measured −2.662
Blood sample Blood sample taken and tested for disease 1.080
Blood sample not taken or tested −1.576
Urine sample tested Urine sample taken and tested 1.927
Urine sample not taken or tested −0.557
Iron tablets Iron tablets/syrup given 0.325
Not given iron tablets/syrup −1.789
Weight measured Weight measured during visit 0.174
Weight not measured −5.196
Complications Told about complications 0.514
Not told about complications −1.612
Tetanus toxoid Given at least one tetanus toxoid vaccine 0.265
Not given any tetanus toxoid vaccine −1.686