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Table 1 Characteristics of the studies identified

From: Health service brokerage to improve primary care access for populations experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage: a systematic review and realist synthesis

Study characteristic No of studies
Design Randomised controlled trial 2
Program evaluation 5
Retrospective non-randomised cohort study 1
Pre−/post-test intervention (no control) 1
Quasi-experimental controlled community evaluation trial (pre- and post-test) 1
Mixed methods 1
Primary care setting Community-based primary care clinic/provider 3
Hospital-based primary care clinic/provider 4
Public health clinics/agencies 2
Community health centres (safety net clinics/providers) 4
Intervention Linking to primary care for screening for a condition 4
Linking to primary care for general management 7
Vulnerabilitya Older age 1
Socioeconomic disadvantage 6
Culturally and linguistically diverse group 7
Indigenous (Aboriginal, first nations) 2
Geographic disadvantage (rural) 2
Disability/mental health issues 0
Prison/prison leavers 2
Healthcare-related disadvantage 10
  1. a some studies targeted multiple vulnerabilities and participants could fit into multiple groups