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Table 3 Evaluation levels (Kirkpatrick, 1996 [36]), measured outcomes, data collection methods and time points

From: Building implementation capacity (BIC): a longitudinal mixed methods evaluation of a team intervention

Evaluation level Measured outcome Data collection methods Time of data collection
Level 1: Reactions Participants’ satisfaction with the intervention Participants ‘expectations that the intervention would have positive impact Questionnaires (paper & pencil) End of each workshop
Level 2: Learning Participants’ ratings of their implementation knowledge
Participants’ perceptions of their learning
Questionnaires (paper & pencil)
Baseline and post-intervention
Level 3: Behavior Participants’ use of the learned implementation steps in practice Interviews Post-intervention
Level 4: Results The impact changed behaviors had on work practices
Work units’ readiness for implementation
Questionnaires (web-based) (all members of the units, including those not participating in intervention)
Case 1: Baseline and post-intervention, Case 2: not included