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Table 5 Strategies identified for inclusion in the SCCA implementation toolkit

From: Developing a toolkit to implement the Statin Choice Conversation Aid at scale: application of a work reduction model

The Statin Choice Conversation Aid Implementation Toolkit
Strategies of Judged Value Work Type and Target Stakeholder Outcome
Targeted Context Self-assessments Coherence of Leadership, Implementation Team, Information Technology Understanding of Appropriateness
Leadership Resource Estimates and Testimonials Coherence of Leadership Appropriateness
Pre-Recorded Preparatory Webinar for Implementation Team Coherence of Implementation Team Feasibility, Acceptability, and Appropriateness
Implementation Team Manual and Meeting Agendas Collective Action of Implementation Team Feasibility
Internal Marketing Material Examples Coherence of Clinicians Appropriateness
EMR Vendor-specific Integration and Coding Guides Coherence and Collective Action of Information Technology Feasibility and Acceptability
SDM Presentation Templates Coherence of Clinicians Acceptability and Appropriateness
SCCA Video Tutorial Example Coherence of Clinicians Acceptability