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Table 6 Quotes from the dataset related to theme 2

From: Engaging multiple stakeholders to improve speech and language therapy services in schools: an appreciative inquiry-based study

Quote No. Participant reference Quote
1 T2 “(In this school), he gets the feeling that people have time for him. And can be bothered to figure out what it is he wants to say …”
2. P8 “he (the child with DLD) needs someone to notice him … and to coax him out and to encourage him to try”
3 C3 “not so much pressure to answer questions … instead of asking us quickly for the answer … and looking stupid”
4. C5 “in this school if you are mean you have to go to time out no excuses”
5. P7 “To be accepted …. I think all of us want our child to be accepted. I should add- easily. I mean all the other kids are accepted easily aren’t they?”
6. C2 “so all these students are very different … there is all sorts in there … all with different talents”
7. C3 “They (the students in the ideal classroom) wouldn’t say ‘I’m better than you’ … they say ‘everyone is different’, ‘you’re good at this’ and ‘he is good at that’”
8. C2 “they (the students) like each other, because mmm.. normally people don’t like them because they are very strange and they just don’t like them ...but strange is good in this school”
9. C4 “Yeah, the kids are in charge in my school … they decide …”
10. C1 “The teacher does all the talking and the children are not allowed talk- in this class the children can talk”
11. C3 “… the teacher is always asking us for the answer … it annoys me the way the teacher asks a question that they know and you might not know it and you have to say ‘I don’t know’ and you act like a fool”
12. C1 “In class … there is more time to talk... and more chances to practise talking cos... it helps you think about things”
  1. C child, P parent, SLT speech and language therapist, T teacher