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Table 3 Participant details (children)

From: Engaging multiple stakeholders to improve speech and language therapy services in schools: an appreciative inquiry-based study

Participant reference Gender Age Type of provision School type
C1 M 12 Mainstream Urban DLDa
C2 F 11 Specialb Rural DLD
C3 M 13 Mainstream Urban (DEISc) DLD
C4 M 12 Mainstream Urban (DEIS) DLD
C5 F 11 Mainstream Rural (DEIS) DLD
C6 M 10 Mainstream Urban DLD
C7 M 13 Mainstream Rural (DEIS) DLD &EBDd
  1. C child
  2. DLD adevelopmental language disorder
  3. ba school catering exclusively for children with additional needs
  4. cDEIS is an acronym for ‘Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools.’ It is a category of school within the Irish education system which serves a population of high social need, and allocated additional resources
  5. dEmotional behaviour disorder