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Table 1 Participant details (professionals)

From: Engaging multiple stakeholders to improve speech and language therapy services in schools: an appreciative inquiry-based study

Participant reference M/F Current role Employer Work setting Professional experience
T1 F Class teacher Education Primary schoola (DEISb) 4 years
T2 F Class teacher Education Primary school 6 years
T3 F Resource teacherc Education Primary school (DEIS) 6 years
T4 F Resource teacher Education Language classd 3.5 years
T5 M Principal Health Primary school 10 years
SLT1 F SLT Education Secondary school 4 years
SLT2 F SLT Health Primary caree 8 years
SLT3 F SLT Health Primary care 1 year
SLT4 F SLT Manager Health Primary care 11 years
SLT5 M SLT Health Primary care 7.5 years
SLT6 F SLT Health Primary care 2.5 years
SLT7 M SLT Health Language class 2 years
SLT8 F SLT Education Secondary school 9 years
  1. T teacher, SLT speech and language therapist
  2. aIn Ireland, children attend primary school from the ages of five to twelve and secondary school from the age of 12 to 18
  3. bDEIS is an acronym for ‘Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools.’ It is a category of school within the Irish education system which serves a population of high social need, and is allocated additional resources
  4. cresource teacher is a teacher specifically responsible for the delivering of additional support for children with special education needs in schools in Ireland
  5. da ‘special’ class with reduced numbers of children in a mainstream school, all of whom have severe DLD. There is an SLT (employed from the local health service) assigned to the class, providing regular input
  6. eSLT provided in the community as part of a primary care team