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Table 1 Semi-structured interview guide providing questions and associated prompts

From: Caregivers’ experiences of a home support program after the hospital discharge of an older family member: a qualitative analysis

Question No Question Text Additional prompts
1 Please tell me how you have cared for your relative since he/she left hospital? Providing for physical and/or emotional needs; speaking up for him/her; changes in caregiving role from before the admission?
2 What sorts of things help to support you to provide this care? Information; equipment; contact with GP, practice nurse, hospital staff; community services (which ones?); social support through friends clubs, church; care plans; how accessed – organised by hospital or other, or did you have to seek out yourself
3 Is there anything that makes it harder to keep caregiving? Physical load, isolation, fatigue; other?
4 Overall, how does being a caregiver make you feel?  
5 Please tell me about your contact with the FECH nurse? Convenience, easy or hard to talk to; enough contact; appropriateness of telephone?
6 And how did you find the resources suggested by the FECH nurse? Did you access these? If so, how helpful were they? And why? If not, why not?