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Table 1 Inner Setting construct definitions

From: Validity and reliability of measures to assess constructs from the inner setting domain of the consolidated framework for implementation research in a pediatric clinic network implementing HPV programs

Construct Name Definition # of Items
Culture Norms, values, and basic assumptions of a given organization 7
Learning Climate A climate in which: a) leaders express their own fallibility and need for team members’ assistance and input; b) team members feel that they are essential, valued, and knowledgeable partners in the change process; c) individuals feel psychologically safe to try new methods; and d) there is sufficient time and space for reflective thinking and evaluation (in general, not just in a single implementation) 5
Leadership Engagement Commitment, involvement, and accountability of leaders and managers 4
Available Resources The level of resources dedicated for implementation and on-going operations including money, training, education, physical space, and time 3