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Table 2 An example of care-seeking patterns in cases of newborn death

From: Delayed illness recognition and multiple referrals: a qualitative study exploring care-seeking trajectories contributing to maternal and newborn illnesses and death in southern Tanzania

Case study for newborn 1: The baby had a fever and was taken to the district hospital. At the hospital, the baby was given an antibiotic injection and discharged 2 days after being admitted. At home, the condition of the baby deteriorated, such that he was not able to breastfeed. Her mother decided to give the baby water mixed with sugar. The condition of the baby worsened and her mother decided to go to the hospital. When she arrived at the hospital it was too late, and the baby died immediately after arriving at the hospital.
Case study for newborn 3: The family first sought care at the district hospital due to the condition of the child. The second point of care was at home because they were told the baby would be okay if they finished a dose of medicine that was prescribed at the facility. The third point of care was at the dispensary, because the baby’s condition did not improve. While at the dispensary, the family was referred to the health center where they were admitted for several days and discharged. The mother returned home and decided to go to the traditional healer, but the baby died.