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Table 5 Reporting Safety Concerns

From: “I just have to take it” – patient safety in acute care: perspectives and experiences of patients with chronic kidney disease

Subthemes Participant comments
Speaking up … it depends on the health of the patient. When you’re weak and out of it, not even thinking straight, it’s pretty hard for you to do it” (P2)
Reactions to questions asked “Don’t always get the answers and don’t always get the response in terms of like it’s just like they don’t want to tell you. Some are genuinely responsive, others like I say don’t bother us, you’ve been taking this for the last, you know, the same thing.” (P2)
Awareness of safety line This is the first I’ve ever heard of it … I mean I’ve never heard of it all these years I’ve been in the hospital.” (P12)
Using the Safety Line
 Lack of trust regarding response to reporting “If it’s not written down on paper, nobody will know anything about it … Because you would never know if anything was done. You’d know, you reported but you would never know if anything was done about it.” (P10)
 Fear of reprisal “I just don’t really like causing a lot of problems because the next thing you know, these are the same people that have to give me needles and they are poking me …(P22)
“Make me feel like I got a little more security, but if they ever found out that I did that …. Oh, they would treat me like dirt, I bet you.” (P14)
 Added stress with reporting “I don’t need extra stress kind of thing. … Where do I report it to in the first place … Sometimes causing waves is probably more stressful in my life than not causing waves either.” (P18, family member)